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In the centre of Seville: apartments to experience the city

Singular Apartments, Seville

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That moment in which you get in one of the Apartments of Singular Apartment, you close the door, and you know there is a secret within it, an experience, a luxe, a fantasy, a perfect moment that will last forever… and you have it all at the very heart of Seville.

We want you to begin your arrival at Seville like that,because in Singular Apartments. We are much more than a booking,a choice, an accommodation or a great choice of a touristic apartment. We like to know that we offer an unique and singular experience in all of our buildings and touristic apartments.

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Singular Apartments


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When you discover Seville, there always remain an unanswered question: Why have I not come earlier? And once you know it, you can help but wonder when will you come back.

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Singular Apartments